Folic acid has been increasingly identified as an essential nutrient whose absence can cause grave consequences.

The naturally occurring folates in various fruits and vegetables not only help in regeneration of cells but are quite essential in fetal development. Here is the list of top 10 foods that contain folic acid.

Folic Acid

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Eggs, Seen as the harbingers of good health, they are rich in various vitamins and nutrients with a staggering 23.5 micrograms of folate in each of these miracle foods.

Getting an egg dish down your system just thrice in a week can also help you in getting folic rich.



Green leafy vegetables are a rich source of folic acid but what tops the list is spinach, it stands tall with 263 micrograms of folate store in each cup serving.

Thus, apart, from increasing your hemoglobin, improvising iron stores this winter vegetable can come to your rescue if your system is short on folic acid.



In the fruit family, there are umpteen options to increase body’s folic acid.

Papayas are easily available. It is an all season fruit which if included in the daily diet can make one restore his folic insufficiency.



Every good diet plan these days is seen to include a variety of lentils as they not only give the body an influx of proteins but also replenish a lot of other nutrients.

One cup of lentils is said to have approximately 358 micrograms of folic acid in it. Its easy incorporation in the meal makes it a convenient choice.

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Okra or ladyfinger is every child’s comfort food and the excellent news is that they are an abundant source of not just potassium and vitamin A but also have folic acid to the tune of 103 micrograms in a decent sized serving.

So serve this vegetable to your children without any inhibition and see their health bloom.



There cannot be anything more tasteful than a broccoli dish, cooked in some cream and cheese and topped with aromatic herbs but, apart from tantalizing the taste buds this vegetable also helps in cleansing the system and caters to body’s folic acid requirements in an effective manner.



Corn is a versatile vegetable which can be incorporated in almost anything one eats.

The intake of around a single cob in various forms throughout the day can cater to 9% of folic acid needs of an individual.



This citrus fruit is a good choice if one is looking for a boost in folic acid store in the body with 55 micrograms of folate in each fruit.

Oranges bring not just folic health but improvise the immunity and hydrate the body.



A quick fix for many nutritional insufficiencies, each banana brings with itself 23 points 6 micrograms of folate.

Bananas are available throughout the year and are rich in other health-restoring ingredients, making them an excellent choice for your fruit salad.


Beets provide a fantastic color and texture to any food and are extensively used in soups and salads.

This vegetable with 148 micrograms folate in 1 cup serving can surely bring good health right at your disposal.