BMW 3 Series 2019 Detailed Interior & Exterior Review


This is the all-new BMW 3-series the latest version of the posh small saloon every other manufacturer wants to beat and here is the new BMW 3 Series 2019 Detailed Interior & Exterior Review with top 10 things you need to know about it.

1: Styling

The new BMW 3-series is instantly recognizable or having more presence than the model it replaces there’s a more prominent grille at the front and down the sides this 330i
M Sport gets optional 19-inch wheels along with self-righting center caps just like you get on a Rolls-Royce so the BMW logo is always the right way up at the back there’s a subtle boot spoiler and a pair of reassuringly large real exhaust pipes

2: Driving

The 3 series comes with BMWs new passive lift related dampers as a standard facility, so each would get primary and secondary Springs, as well as the hydraulic pump. M Sports models get a stiffer 10 millimeters lower version of the same system along with 18-inch wheels, performance brakes with blue calipers and on 330i models, an electronically controlled rear.

3: Infotainment

The new 3-series come with BMWs live cockpit plus infotainment system with a 9-inch screen on the dashboard that’s bigger than the standard system fitted to Mercedes c-class or Audi a4 along with M Sport versions of the 3-series go step further they get a digital screen in place of the conventional doors for the driver and a larger 10-inch center screen apple carplay is fitted as standard But Android Auto is not available at all

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4: Price

The new BMW 3-series.goes on sale in March 2019 with prices starting from just under 44,608.00 US Dollar for the 320d diesel and extra four-wheel drive comes with 3936.00 dollar option on the 320d, while the top of the range 330 I petrol starts from just under 49856 dollars.

5: Interior

Just like the exterior the 3-series interior is instantly recognizable as a BMW while feeling like a big step up from the model it replaces as you’d expect the dashboard focuses on the driver but is less fussy than before and has larger pieces of interior trim including the aluminum mesh effect which makes it feel a bit more expensive than before.

6: Weight

The new 3-series is bigger than the car it replaces but depending on the model it’s also up to 55 kilos lighter use of high-strength steel means 20 kilograms have been lost from the cause body while an aluminum bonnet and wings save a further 15 kilograms even the front subframe and struts are made from aluminum to shave a further eight kilos the weight yet despite all this dieting the new 3-series is actually 25% more rigid than the car it replaces aerodynamics have also improved thanks to a completely sealed underbody.

7: Equipment

The new 3-series versions come with a reversing camera auto park electrically folding rear view mirrors free zone air conditioning and acoustic glass the technology pack adds a Harman Kardon stereo heads-up display Wallis charging for your mobile phone and gesture control or the premium package includes electric memory seats lumbar support and
an electric sunroof finally the comfort pack combines a heated steering wheel keyless entry plus a boot that opens hands-free and has additional storage for valuables.

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8: Engines

The new 3-series is only available with two engines 320d 2-liter diesel that has 190 horsepower is capable of 0 to 60 in 7.1 seconds and mileage is 25 kilometers per liter it comes as standard with a six-speed manual gearbox though you can get an 8-speed Auto as optional the other engine is the 2-liter turbo petrol in the 330 I it has 258 horsepower
who do 0 to 60 in 5.6 seconds and returns 20 kilometers per liter it gets the automatic gearbox as standard other models will follow later including the 330 e high-performance plug-in hybrid and replacement for the old six-cylinder 340I.

9: Practicality

BMW has made the new 3-series longer wider and taller than the model it replaces an interior space has increased across the board, as a result, you get shoulder room up front while your passengers in the back get extra Headroom and 11 millimeters more knee room. The rear bench has room for three child seats and splits 40/20/40 so you
can carry bulky luggage and still have room for one or two passengers either side the 480-liter boot is exactly the same size as you get in a Mercedes c-class and Audi a4.

10: Enlightenment

Many interior functions such as programming the satellite navigation or check traffic on your route or operate the stereo or turn down the temperature and the system will constantly be updated with possible new commands over the car’s life to keep it as enlightened as possible. Speaking of lights when you unlock the 3-series LEDs under the wing murus project a light carpet onto the ground so you don’t step into puddles, switchable interior LEDs also come as standard and the stripes on the door trims pulls toward other road users when your doors open or models also get full LED headlights while laser lights with a beam of more than 500 meters are optional.

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