This is the new Audi q3 and here’s the car by top ten 10 things you need to know about it. Check out”Top 10 Things You Need To Know Before Buying New Audi Q3″.


The new q3 blends the edgy look at the q2 with a more sophisticated air of the sensible q5 all models come with LED headlights with scrolling indicators and distinctive LED tail lights then there’s a huge gaping grille which combined with the blue paint makes this car look a bit like a whale feeding on krill.


you’ll likely to pay around 28,000 pounds for an entry-level few three with a 150 horsepower 1.5-liter petrol engine and who will drive a top-of-the-range q3 s line with four-wheel drive and the 230 horsepower petrol engine will cost more than 40 thousand pounds.


If you want your new Audi q3 to look as eye-catching as possible go for the s-line version it comes with a load suspension 19-inch alloy wheels and a revised front bumper to make it look all sporty inside there are half leather seats with the option to upgrade to expensive feeling Alcantara.


The new q3 aims to solve one of the issues with its predecessor which was tight rear passenger space because the new cars front and rear wheels are now further apart there’s now more room in the back than before which means even people with really long legs she’ll be able to get inside easily.

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The new q3 will have a choice of two suspension setups despite the name Sport models are
actually designed to be more comfortable and s-line cars and the thermos setup choose the optional adaptive dampers and you can switch between a soft and firm setting and in the unlikely event you want to take your q3 off-road you can also fit hill descent control to help you get down slopes easily.


As with any Audi, there’s plenty of options to choose from you can add 20-inch alloy wheels and matrix LED headlamps also inside there’s extras such as a Bang & Olufsen stereo an extended leather pack which does actually sound a little bit S&M.


In the new q3 you can start the rear seats forwards and backwards by up to 150 millimeters but even with the pushback the q3 still has a 500 litre boot which is bigger than that of a Jaguar a pace or Volvo XC 40 and the wide boot opening and adjustable floor will make it easy to load.


You won’t have to pay extra for a good infotainment system in the new q3 every model has a 10-inch central display and you can get a multifunction screen instead of conventional instrument dolls. Apple car play and android auto are fitted as standard and get a three-year subscription to Audi connect apps giving you access to Google Maps


If would like to prefer pay too little for q3 – the driving for you can get it with a special system which will allow it to park itself meanwhile the traffic jam assistant will steer accelerate and brake the car in slow-moving traffic you can also get adaptive cruise control
which will keep your set distance from the car in front before getting you back to your set speed when the road isĀ clear.

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The new q3 will be available with four engines and the 1.5 litre petrol will probably be the best by combining a great blend performance economy and price and if you’d rather not change gears yourself go for the 7-speed automatic gearbox instead of the six-speed manual.

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